3rd Annual ONEpossible ™ Campaign Reaches Goal!

3rd Annual ONEpossible ™ Campaign Reaches Goal!

Thanks to over 800 supporters, our annual campaign once again succeeded, raising $175,000 to help fund PRF’s work. Thank you for being e ONE who makes a cure POSSIBLE!  

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 Annual Campaign 2011: We did it!
Our goal of a cure starts with one -YOU.

The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) is now embarking on historic clinical trials with drugs that show great promise to effectively treat the children. For the first time, there are possible treatments – and just 11 years ago there was nothing being done! PRF is also finding more children than ever, allover the world, providing families like us with a place to go for help and truehope for a cure.

To the 813 people who participated: Thank you for being ONE who makes a cure POSSIBLE!

In addition to paying for expensive clinical drug trials, PRF will fund at least 8 research projects this year, test undiagnosed children, send cells to researchers, spread the word about Progeria and PRF's work so more kids can be found and helped, and do whatever else is needed to advance the quest for a cure. We can't let lack of money stop any of this vital work.

Our annual campaign gives these children a chance at the long and healthy lives they deserve.

Thank you to our hard-working teams for their support:

TEAM BRENNEN, led by Erin Stewart, 2-year-old Brennen's mom from New York.

TEAM CARLY-Q, led by 10-month old Carly's parents, Ryan and Heather Kudzia

TEAM FACEBOOK, for everyone on FaceBook who wants to show how powerful social media can be in making the dream of a cure POSSIBLE, ONE by ONE.

TEAM FAMILIES includes parents of children with Progeria and is led by Tina and Brandon Pickard, 4-year-old Zach's parents from Kentucky.

TEAM PRF, led by PRF board member Kim Paratore, which will include members of PRF's board of directors, friends of PRF and a PRF staff page.

TEAM SCHOONOVER, led by 4-year-old Cam's grandparents Jim and Carolyn from Pennsylvania.

TEAM TANAKA, led by Patti Tanaka, in loving memory of her daughter Rachel.

TEAM TRANSLATORS includes those that help PRF communicate with our many non-English speaking families.

TEAM ZOEY, led by ONEpossible 2011 chair John Marozzi of New Jersey, the grandfather of 20-month-old Zoey. 

THANK YOU for responding to our appeal.
Together, we WILL find the cure!

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