PRF’s Annual Report for 2011 is here!

PRF’s Annual Report for 2011 is here!

From obscurity in 1999 to global prominence today, we are proud to detail another exciting year of advancements for Progeria and PRF.  

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Due to the continuation and expansion of all of The Progeria Research Foundation’s programs, our mission advances at the phenomenal pace it has commanded for the past 12 years.  In 2011, another potential drug treatment was identified, clinical trial activities continued for 42 children, 8 more children were identified, new evidence of Progeria-aging links were discovered, and the ever-growing interest in Progeria by researchers and the general public soared.  As we have always done, PRF is seizing the opportunities these developments present, edging us ever-closer to our ultimate goal of a cure. And along the way, we are learning a tremendous amount about heart disease and the aging we all experience.

Your love and support for children with Progeria has made these exciting strides possible. THANK YOU - Together, we WILL find the cure!

Audrey Gordon, Esq.
President, ExecutiveDirector

Leslie B. Gordon, MD, PhD
Medical Director

Scott D. Berns, MD, MPH
Chairman, Board of Directors

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