Promotion of Education and Awareness

Promotion of Education and Awareness


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PRF's web site is visited by tens of thousands of people every year, and we answer hundreds of e-mails from people all over the world inquiring about Progeria. We get many requests from students of all ages who have chosen to do a report on Progeria and are seeking more information. We thank them for helping us to raise awareness by educating their classmates!

PRF also distributes brochures and bi-annual newsletters detailing PRF's activities and the latest scientific advances. Email us and we'll put you on our mailing list!

We also provide important medical information to the families of children with Progeria and their doctors, including treatment recommendations for heart and nutritional care, and joint stiffness.

Finally, PRF co-sponsors scientific workshops with the National Institutes of Health, bringing scientists and clinicians together to share their expertise for the sake of the children, so that research results are faster and more efficient. Many of the attendees have said the workshops and other programs PRF offers is an incentive to conducting Progeria-related work.

Please spread the word about PRF! Tell everyone you know about the wonderful work we are doing for these special children, and that our accomplishments could help the aging population and people with heart disease. It's not just PRF that believes that! The American Heart Association has invested in a four-year grant for Progeria research, and the National Institutes of Health is now putting money into this syndrome, believing Progeria research could very well lead to better insights into aging.

Everyone knows someone who has experienced heart disease, and everyone ages. So tell a friend, co-worker, family member, doctor, and others about PRF. Suggest that they visit our web site, and we can all watch PRF's database of names grow! It is only through the combined efforts of everyone who gets involved with PRF that we can truly accomplish our ultimate goal of finding a cure.

With heightened awareness and education of PRF and Progeria, more doctors will be able to properly treat children with Progeria, more people will become aware of this worthy cause, and more research will be done to further the quest for a cure.

Thank you, in advance, for getting our name out there.

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